1 Rebecca Barnard Melbourne
2 Connor Black-Harry Marigold
3 Rob Snarski Watching Netflix On TV
4 Alison Ferrier & Jeff Lang Shopping At Pentridge
5 Fenn Wilson City Lights
6 Brooke Russell Viva
7 Charles Jenkins Bellbird Bats
8 Sam See Oh Melbourne
9 Clio Renner Hope At Last
10 Jasper Jolley Daylight Savings
11 Peter Farnan It Assembled Itself (on growing up under the Surrey Hills Communication Tower during construction)
12 Little Wise See You Around Melbourne Town
13 Dan Warner Raining In Melbourne
14 Davey Lane The Barstools
15 Angie Hart Moderation
16 Billy Miller I Love Everything About Melbourne
17 Grand Pine Don’t Trust The Weather
18 Monique diMattina Livingest Place
19 Ed Bates Northcote Swing
20 Loretta Miller & Darcy McNulty Zombies
21 Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission Blood And Guts
22 David Bridie The Low Bar
23 Barb Waters I Guess She’s Leaving For The Meantime
24 Andre Warhurst Bluestone Lanes
25 Cathy Dobson East Side, West Side
26 Gallie Leaving South Melbourne (Jimmy’s Song)
27 Dan Hall Blue Avenue
28 Sienna Noyes & Riley Hunt Last Train From Flinders Street
29 Luke Sinclair Melbourne Rain
30 FJ Steele See You Again
31 Ronnie Charles & Andy Burns Freedom Comes, Freedom Goes
32 Shane O’mara September Morning
33 Jonnie Goes To Church Why Didn’t He Drive Her All The Way Home?
34 Van Walker Ramblin’ Van’s Big City Dream
35 Terry McCarthy & Nathan Farrelly The Girl With The Moomba Fest Lanyard
36 The Killjoys Peers Street Richmond
37 Steve Hoy Sixty Second St Kilda
38 Sarah Carroll Fitzroy Women
39 Rick Dempster Strettle Street Strut #2
40 Jane Clifton What’s it to me?
41 Ruth Hazelton Skipping Girl
42 Horse and Wes Herring Island
43 Adi Sapir Ticket To Melbourne
44 Henry Wagons Knocks City
45 Cyril Moran & Greg Hunt Bourke Street Mall
46 Tracey Miller The Railway Hotel
47 Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum
(featuring KN4V3) Lockdown Lingo
48 Mark Ferrie Melbourne …The Universe
49 Xani Brunch
50 Bruce Haymes Isolation Blues
51 Kimberley Wheeler Ground Hog Day
52 Chris Stockley Saturday In Paradise
53 Department Another Day
54 Eduardo Miller Garden State
55 Marcel Borrack Melbourne 14-03-1980 (The Night The Police Played)
56 Maria Forde Melbourne Memories
57 Dave Walker Oakleigh Line
58 Shaky Stills Merri Creek Bullfrog
59 Yolanda Ingley & Steve Dagg Nicholson Street
60 Enda Kenny Hooked
61 Ian Bland 11,432 Steps (Flinders Street to Brunswick East)
62 Kerri Simpson Closing Time At The Black Cat