The Railway Hotel


Considered one of Melbourne’s finest roots singers, Tracey “Mama” Miller has been singing Gospel, Jazz and Country  Blues since she was 15 and is no stranger to telling her stories through song. 

Tracey sings, plays guitar, ukulele, and tenor guitar with family band “The Dusty Millers” and also performs with “The Railway Gang”  on Thursday nights at The Railway Hotel in Nicholson Street Fitzroy North, a residency that they have held for eight years.

Tracey regularly appears as a guest with Melbourne’s big band “Jazz Party” led by Darcy McNulty and Tracey’s daughter Loretta Miller.

As a back-up singer Tracey has featured on many local albums including Harry James Angus from “Cat Empire” and The Teskey Brothers.

Throughout the pandemic Tracey has continued to write in preparation for a new album to be released in the new year.

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